Cosmetic Tattoo Specialists

Cosmetic Tattoo Specialists

The Best Cosmetic Tattoo Services in South Melbourne

Eyebrows are a dramatic feature of our faces, and are used to convey emotion, whether it be surprise, joy, dissatisfaction or irritation. Altering the brows can change the overall look of a face, and strong, well-groomed brows are extremely effective in enhancing our natural beauty. They act as a frame for the face and can give an unparalleled confidence when you step out.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the perfect eyebrows, and these days people are embracing thicker, more defined and stronger brows over the previous trend of the plucked look. While it is possible to create thicker, more defined brows via clever makeup, this process is time consuming and difficult to perfect – especially in the morning before work when you barely have five minutes to spare!

Luckily, there is an alternative.

What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo

Forget eyebrow pencils and wands; there is now a semi-permanent option available for ladies who wish to enhance their brows.

Juvenile Beauty offers cosmetic eyebrow tattoos that fill gaps, reshape and deliver a defined yet natural finish. Using fine, hair-like feather strokes, our technicians will build upon your natural brows to create a shape that complements your face. No two brows are the same; we measure and map out the shape of your brows to ensure they suit you!

The ultra-fine, delicate hair stokes ensure that your new brows appear as natural-looking as possible. We take the time to help you choose the correct colour that suits your complexion and existing hair. Keep in mind that the tattoo will fade in weeks after treatment, and touch ups are often required within three months for the best possible results.

Although tattoos are often viewed as permanent, eyebrow tattoos are generally considered semi-permanent and will gradually fade as time passes. Often, clients choose to have annual refills to keep brows looking their best.

We enhance more than brows

Alongside eyebrow tattoos, we also offer permanent eye line and lip line tattooing. Whether you want to define your lash line or improve the shape of your lips, our cosmetic tattoo experts can create subtle, natural looking enhancements – or apply a bold, dramatic look if you prefer!

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If you dream of the day you can get out of bed and walk to work without touching your eyebrows, cosmetic tattooing could be the beauty treatment you’ve been looking for.

For a complete beauty makeover, why not team your new brows with some luscious eyelash extensions and an oxygen facial?

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